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FahrPlaner-App FAQ

I have a question about the mobile applications!

We have compiled the most important and common questions about the VBN app for you.


Our app is available for devices with Android, iOS and Windows Phone operating systems. There is also a version for Java-enabled mobile phones, which you can download with the suitable device via our website. The relevant links for downloads and app information is similarly in the info box on the left. Alternatively, you can also use our mobile timetable information, available at m.en.vbn.de.


For Android operating systems, we can, upon request, send you our app’s latest installation file. Please contact app [at]vbn .de.

Please note that problems and/or functional restrictions may arise, e.g. with Google Maps, signatures or push notifications, if you don’t have a Google account. We unfortunately cannot offer support in such cases.

We are currently unable to offer installation files for other operating system; these are available at the respective stores.


We do not currently offer a special app for Amazon Fire or Blackberry devices. You can, however, request our app’s installation file for Android, and install this on your device. Please contact app [at]vbn .de. Please note that functional restrictions may arise during use. We unfortunately cannot offer support in such cases. Alternatively, you can also use our mobile timetable information, available at m.en.vbn.de.



The app needs access to your contacts so that it can include an address from your contact list into the connection search as a starting point or destination. After you have installed the app, you can choose whether to permit this usage and function or not.


The network communication authorisation is needed to connect to the Internet (wifi/mobile network) in order to retrieve timetable and real-time data.


The authorisation to “Take pictures and videos” (camera) is needed for the camera-controlled orientation aid (augmented reality) in order to display nearby stops, superimposed with the camera image.


The authorization for "Photos/Media/Files" is needed to use Google Maps within the app for Android operating systems. In a future update we will implement new possibilities to make this authorization unnecessary. For the app with Windows Phone operating system the authorization is needed to create user-defined Live Tiles.


The app shows you nearby stops and transport options based on your location.


The displayed authorizations must be accepted in order for the app to be installed and used. Alternatively, our mobile information is available at m.en.vbn.de. We are currently working on an update of the app for Android operating systems to allow new possibilities for authorizations. In the future you will be able to grant certain permissions only when you want to use the related feature.


Timetable information

The real-time information is generally only a projection; discrepancies cannot always be avoided. The timetable information can also only show data provided to us by the transport companies. If you notice incorrect information, please let us know. We will endeavour to correct this immediately. To do this, we require precise information on the affected service (line, direction, starting point, departure time), as well as your request time and type (e.g. connection search, departure board or push notification). Please contact app [at]vbn .de.


We’re working on incorporating existing real-time data systems into our systems, and equipping other transport companies with it to enable them to provide real-time data too. We still need a bit more time before comprehensive coverage is available.

Real-time information is currently available for the following transport companies:

  • AllerBus

  • BREMERHAVEN BUS (Verkehrsgesellschaft Bremerhaven AG)
  • BSAG (Bremer Straßenbahn AG)
  • DB (Deutsche Bahn AG)

  • Delbus Delmenhorst

  • DHE (Delmenhorst-Harpstedter Eisenbahn GmbH)
  • evb (Eisenbahnen und Verkehrsbetriebe Elbe-Weser GmbH)
  • erixx

  • Gerdes Reisen
  • metronom
  • NordWestBahn

  • VBW (Verkehrsbetriebe Wesermarsch GmbH)

  • VGH (Verkehsbetriebe Grafschaft Hoya GmbH)

  • VWG Oldenburg (Verkehr und Wasser GmbH)
  • Weser-Ems-Bus
  • Wolters

Outside the VBN, real-time information is now also available for Autokraft, Hamburger Hochbahn (U-Bahn / metro), Nordbahn, Regionalbus Braunschweig, Rostocker Straßenbahn AG (trams, busses and ferries), üstra Hannoversche Verkehrsbetriebe AG as well as WestfalenBahn.



The subscription is only valid until the timetable change, after which a new subscription is required.
Timetable changes occur at least once a year (mid-December), or more frequently for some companies (e.g. BSAG). You’ll find more details in your subscription’s repeat settings.


In order to access your saved connections and stops offline, you can save them to your Android device. Retrieve the desired stop / connection, and click on "Make available offline" under the results. Then you can access your offline timetables easily within the tab "Offline" (under menu "Planner" and "Timetable").


Widgets (favourites for your device’s homepage) enable faster access to the latest information on your connection or saved stop. To use them, you need to make your favourites “available offline” (see above). Then add the widgets to your homepage using your device’s functions. The widgets will show you the latest connections or departure times, available any time, even without Internet access. If you do have Internet access, you can also simply display the latest real-time information.


Camera-controlled orientation aids can display nearby stops, superimposed with your device’s camera image, based on your location. The function is available if you click on the camera smbol under the "Map" menu item in our app for Android- and iOS-operating systems. Then set up your camera – nearby stops will be displayed on the screen. We are currently working on improving this feature and would like to consider your feedback.




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