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FahrPlaner App: All travel info and MobileTickets - wherever, whenever

FahrPlaner App: All travel info and MobileTickets - wherever, whenever

The FahrPlaner App supplies you with bus and tram timetables for all of Lower Saxony, Bremen, Hamburg and Rostock, plus train timetables right across Germany. You’ll receive data for many travel companies in real time, meaning you’ll see if your train, bus or tram is estimated to be on time.

The FahrPlaner App allows you to obtain important information for an upcoming or planned trip, as well as book the relevant VBN ticket as well as the ticket of Niedersachsentarif quickly and conveniently via Smartphone. Further information about the mobile tickets (available for Android and iOS devices) is available here: MobileTicket.

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The app’s features include:

  • Route planning from door to door or stop to stop, including the relevant map material for walking

  • Real-time information and push notifications on the current traffic conditions at your specific connection points - now also available as commuter alarm for selected time intervals.
  • Departure and arrivals boards for stops and train stations in the VBN state, including additional station information
  • Pricing information for specific alliances / transport associations (Verkehrsverbund Bremen/Niedersachsen, NITAG (Niedersachsentarif GmbH), Verkehrsgemeinschaft Osnabrück, Großraumverkehr Hannover, Verkehrsgesellschaft Landkreis Nienburg und Verkehrsverbund Warnow). For the VBN, you’ll also receive the MobileTicket and from March 2019 tickets of Niedersachsentarif as MobileTicket in the FahrPlaner App
  • Requested connections or stops can be saved as favourites in the FahrPlaner App, enabling faster retrieval. Save and personalize your favourites as "My addresses" within the FahrPlaner App, to access them anywhere with one click.
  • Nearby stops displayed based on current position
  • Departures and arrivals at Bremen airport with the latest flight information


I have a question about the mobile applications!

We have compiled the most important and common questions about the FahrPlaner App for you: FahrPlaner App FAQ. FAQ for the MobileTicket is available here: MobileTicket FAQ.

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