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Ticket prices for GroupTicket

Here you will find price information on GroupTickets.

(1) Persons travelling together for a common travel purpose can purchase a GroupTicket at a reduced ticket rate. Each adult in the group will be charged the reduced rate for a SingleTicket for Kids at the relevant price level.

(2) Reduced prices for groups are granted only if the group can be transported on regularly scheduled carriers.

(3) A GroupTicket can be purchased for a group of at least 10 adults. 2 children between the ages of 6-14 years count as one adult. An individual child will not receive a further discount and will be counted as an adult.

(4) The GroupTicket is valid for a single trip. Trip interruptions are not permitted.

(5) A GroupTicket can be purchased at a Travel Centre and at subsidiaries of DB AG, at own ticket offices of the relevant carrier partners, and in the vehicles of the regional bus lines. It is also available at the private presale outlets as well as at ticket machines of Deutsche Bahn.

(6) Group trips must be announced to the regional bus service partners or VBN (Tel.: +49 (0)4 21 59 60 59) at least 3 working days prior to travelling.

(7) Groups of 21 or more individuals or 6 individuals with bicycles may book their trip free of charge. The booking must be made at a DB ticket office at least 7 working days (3 days with metronom) prior to travelling. Groups of up to 20 individuals can be booked for advance scheduling purposes. A booking option is not available for trains of erixx GmbH.

When booking a group trip, the DB ticket office will charge an advance payment of €0.50 per person and bicycle (where applicable) for each travel direction; the prepayment will, however, not exceed €15. The prepaid amount will be deducted at the time of purchase of the GroupTicket. A one-time trip amendment (change of schedule) is available. A prepayment will not be required if the GroupTicket is purchased at the time of booking, or if the group is already in possession of valid tickets. The prepayment amount will not be reimbursed if the group cancels the trip for reasons that are not the fault of the carrier company.

A first class surcharge for children will be payable for each member of the group using the first class travel. 2 children between the ages of 6-14 years count as one adult.

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