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More trip options with bus and rail

The VBN region offers numerous attractive destinations, which can be reached comfortably by bus and rail, while at the same time doing your bit to save the environment.

Schnoor Quarter, Bremen

Stop Domsheide: Lines 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 24, 25

The Schnoor Quarter is the oldest of Bremen city. Situated near the Weser River, its quaint little lanes are lined with jewellery and handicraft shops, many cafés and restaurants, and beckon visitors to enjoy some leisurely strolls. You will be sure to find some unique souvenir to take home from this ancient Hanseatic City. For more information please visit:


Theater Bremen

Theater am Goetheplatz stop: Lines 2, 3

The Theater Bremen is a city theatre of national importance. It is considered a public place of aesthetic and political reflection on problems, risks, freedoms and joyous moments in modern big-city life. It covers four divisions – musical theatre, plays, dance, and children’s/youth theatre – at its four venues: Theater am Goetheplatz, Kleines Haus, Moks and Brauhauskeller. During the season, its programme features more than 30 premieres with 600 performances, as well as concerts and parties. It strives to achieve direct dialogue with audiences through play introductions, post-performance talks, and discussion rounds. More information available at: www.theaterbremen.de.
An entertaining promotional clip of the Bremen Theatre can be found here: Laterne laufen - Theater Bremen.


Hands-on science: Universum Bremen

Universität-Süd stop: Lines 6, 21, 22, 28, 31, 630, 670
Wiener Straße stop: Lines 22, 28

Is it a silver whale or a shell? The Science Centre building alone is enough to spark curiosity, itself featuring 250 hands-on, interactive exhibits encouraging experimentation. It’s a place where people of all ages can immerse themselves in the Humans, Nature and Technology zones. The outdoor area, the first of its kind in Germany, has activity stations which will particularly thrill younger visitors. The centre also regularly hosts special exhibitions. More information available at: www.universum-bremen.de.

Ochtum Park (Outlet Centre), Brinkum

Stop Brinkum Ochtum Park: Lines 53, 101, 102, 120, 150, 226

Ochtum Park is located in the industrial area of Brinkum-Nord near Bremen, and is one of the largest outlet centres in Germany. Over 30 outlet shops offer premium brand products by leading manufacturers. For more information please visit:

Artists Village Worpswede

Line 670, Bremen-Worpswede

How about an excursion to the Artists Village Worpswede, which artists Paula Modersohn-Becker and Fritz Mackensen once called home, and where art, culture, architecture and landscape still create a uniquely creative atmosphere. For more information please visit:


Experience Bremerhaven

Regional express train or Regio-S-Bahn (suburban rail service) to Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven has much to offer: Aside from the historical harbour with its legendary museum ships, a visit to the German Emigrants House (Deutsches Auswandererhaus) or the Climate House 8 East (Klimahaus 8 Ost), the zoo by the sea, or the fishery harbour for some fresh catch are all definitely worth a trip. For more information please visit:

Stadttheater Bremerhaven

Regional express or Regio-S-Bahn to Bremerhaven
Hochschule Bremerhaven stop: Lines 502, 505, 506, 508, 509

Located centrally at Theodor-Heuss-Platz, the Stadttheater Bremerhaven has been offering theatre to the city and region for 100 years in the form of musical theatre, plays, ballet, children’s/youth theatre and concerts. Numerous special events round off the programme. The Stadttheatre runs around 500 events a year at its venues at Theodor-Heuss-Platz and many locations around town – so you can expect a wide range of cultural options! More information available at: www.stadttheaterbremerhaven.de. You can see an entertaining promotional clip of the Stadttheater Bremerhaven here: Boßeln - Stadttheater Bremerhaven.

Bremerhaven Zoo

Regional express or Regio-S-Bahn to Bremerhaven
Havenwelten stop: Lines 440, 502, 505, 506, 508, 509

Plunging into the underwater world of seals, polar bears, penguins, otters & co. is a unique experience. As is the spectacular North Sea Aquarium, where modern underwater worlds present the various habitats of the North Sea. The lumpfish, the sea horse, the fiercelooking wolfish and the mighty sturgeon are particular eye-catchers. More information available at: www.zoo-am-meer-bremerhaven.de.

River Island Harriersand

Regio-S-Bahn in direction ‘Nordenham’ to Brake Station

Harriersand, the longest river island in Europe, is located near the town of Brake, and is an attractive destination for excursions. The sandy white river banks are perfect for swimming and sunbathing. The ‘MS Guntsiet’ ferry carries passengers from Brake across to Harriersand between April and October. For more information please visit:


Sightseeing in Harpstedt

Stop Harpstedt Station: Lines 226, 227

Treat yourself to a delicious piece of cake at the ‘Café & Restaurant Zur Wasserburg’, while enjoying the historical sights of the water mill, dating back to 1712. Continue with a tour of the former moated castle (1744), which today serves as the administrative building for the integrated municipality of Harpstedt. The beautifully landscaped park with its bridges and narrow paths of the former castle offer a perfect opportunity to end your visit with a relaxing stroll. Another must-see destination is the burial grounds at Pestrup. Around 500 large and smaller burial mounds can be explored here on an area of 39 hectares. The type and size of the grounds is unique in Europe. For more information please visit:

Historical narrow gauge railway ‘Jan Harpstedt’

Stop Harpstedt Station: Lines 226, 227

Take a ride on the historical museum railway ‘Jan Harpstedt’ to explore the woodlands surrounding the towns of Harpstedt and Dünsen. The steam and diesel locomotives with their railcars have been commuting between Delmenhorst and Harpstedt for over 30 years. Along the way, numerous attractive destinations await you. Suggestions for hikes and excursions near the stops of the route are provided on board. The early morning trains even offer a hearty breakfast à la carte for early risers. For more information please visit:

Nature Park Wildeshauser Geest

Regional R6 to ‘Wildeshausen’, Lines 226, 227

Would you like to explore a fascinating landscape of forests, moors and heathland, and visit megalithic tombs that are thousands of years old? Or would you prefer strolling through some tranquil little villages, and visit wind and water mills, medieval churches and interesting museums? You don’t have to decide in advance - Wildeshauser Geest offers it all and much more! For more information please visit:


City and castle tour Oldenburg

Regional express train or Regio-S-Bahn (suburban rail service) to Oldenburg

Walk in the footsteps of former earls, dukes, and archdukes, and enjoy the sights of the emancipated city of Oldenburg and the St. Lamberti Church. Highlight of the tour is a guided visit to Oldenburg Castle. To this day, the castle is a vivid reminder of Oldenburg’s glorious past as a royal seat. For more information please visit:

Oldenburgisches Staatstheater

NordWestBahn, Regional express or Regio-S-Bahn to Oldenburg
Julius-Mosen-Platz stop: Many lines in the municipal, regional and night transport service networks

The Oldenburgisches Staatstheater is a lively place of social and cultural debate in the heart of the city. As classic as the heritage of one of the region’s oldest theatres may appear, the multidisciplinary venue specialising in opera, plays and dance focuses on clear direction and thrilling aesthetic designs. Large and well-known materials enjoy the same status as contemporary works and premieres. The question of modern-day importance is key to all productions. And international networking and various festivals have made the theatre famous well beyond regional borders. More information available at: www.staatstheater.de and www.Facebook.com/oldenburgisches.staatstheater.
You can see an entertaining promotional clip of the Oldenburgisches Staatstheater here: Dorfdisko - Oldenburgisches Staatstheater.

Canoe Tour on Hunte River

Lines 226, 227, Bremen - Wildeshausen

A wonderful day out at Nature Park Wildeshausen Geest: Canoeing and river hiking are sports everyone can enjoy, no matter what age or fitness level. Canoe tours are a very special nature experience, which opens up entirely new perspectives of familiar landscapes. On offer are excursions for beginners, families, clubs, and groups, and a pick-up and return service is included. For more information please visit:

Lake Zwischenahn

Regional express train or Regio-S-Bahn (suburban rail service) in direction ‘Norddeich/Bad Zwischenahn’

Those, who enjoy relaxing by the water, will find everything they are looking for at Bad Zwischenahn. Lake Zwischenahn is the third-largest inland lake in Lower Saxony, and riverboat rides as well as sun-drenched beaches for swimming and relaxation. For more information please visit:



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